Project: Hit the North

Category : Project
Date : 24 October 1997

October 1997. After the collapse of my personal life in London I hired a van, loaded all my earthly possessions and headed north to Manchester where I hardly knew anyone. I rented a flat and a studio, and the first few months I explored the city, trying to find my way around it.
I was attracted to its industrial heritage and energy, and in its people I found a spirit of authenticity which was a refreshing counterpoint to my previous life in London.
Little did I know then that my arrival was coincident with the slow demise of that heritage and the few years that followed were tainted by the effects of neoliberalism. Local communities were dismantled to give way to the greed of housing developers and the street graffiti replaced by plain walls.
This project was made using a Lubitel camera and medium format cross processed film.

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