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Date : 31 October 2004

We currently live in a society where FEAR has become tool and currency, so during October 2004 I asked many people to describe to me some of their worst fears. I have decided not to draw any conclusions but merely to place the collection of fears as items on their own. The following is a result of those questions and no answers have been changed, censored or translated. It made me wonder how fears are also a reflection of the culture surrounding these responses.

“the inside of a tomato that looks like spit/saliva from disabled people”
“the endless drop to the bottom of the universe”
“most of the morons that make up society”
“throat cancer”
“True Hate – when I see it, I feel it deep inside and the feeling I get creeping into the very core of my being, terrifies me”
“Harming someone I love”
“being content to work in tesco for the rest of my life”
“Death of a close family member”
“Driving test (really, I get petrified)”
“Random violent attack by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, because you can’t predict or prevent it”
“The world going to the dogs”
“Bathrooms (specifically, bathrooms with the light left on when no one’s using it and the door is ajar)”
“that my brain goes dry and I won’t be able to think ‘properly’ anymore and I won’t be able to ‘produce’ anymore”
“to lack a voice”
“The possibility of being raped”
“Dying in my sleep (or dying in anyway) and no one finding me for two weeks and then if they bury me, they bury me alive and I can’t get out of the grave??”
“My teeth falling out”
“não ser nunca razão de orgulho de ninguém”
“deixar de ouvir”
“não ser compreendida”
“harlequin babies touching me”
“people who think they have any idea what they are talking about”
“Dick Cheney & religious extremists”
“a half an hour earthquake registering 7 on the richter scale”
“a mob”
“That I will die before I have done that one most important wonderful thing in my life, because I have yet to figure out what it is I am suppose to do”
“Getting stuck in one thought, never able to digress from it”
“killing myself while acting in the abscence of self-conscience”
“the wrath of god”
“the english government”
“howard from the halifax advert”
“That George W. Bush will be re-s/elected”
“Death of a loved one”
“Being rejected”
“spiders (obvious i know, but i am terrified of them)”
“being alone :-(”
“hurting people”
“not finding god”
“bush getting reelected”
“someone close to me dying”
“Horses… not terrified but I wont go near them”
“Mushrooms… the only reason I havent done liberty caps yet, dont think I could”
“losing my sight”
“people close to me dying”
“My fate”
“Sometimes at night when i hear my heart beating and breathing covered in silence”
“Bush for another 4 years”
“Being alone – not temporarily but forever!”
“Anything happening to my kids/grandkids”
“Being considered past my use by date!”
“Getting Althzeimers like my dad and my sister – the very thought terrifies me!!”
“Nuclear war”
“Harm of loved ones including the cats”
“Bush staying elected”
“vast amounts of water like oceans…. they frighten the hell out of me”
“getting sick in public and not having a bathroom close enough to run to”
“my husband leaving me or not loving me”
“my husband dying”
“not being good enough”
“if i couldn’t present at my love’s deathbed”
“empty being”
“reason did not grow up”
“small spaces”
“the death of people I love (not my death)”
“having some real bad and painful disease”
“the thought that one day i’ll become apathetic”
“not achieving what i feel i should”
“being found out”
“other people dying before i do”
“being alone for the rest of my life”
“going deaf”
“never achieving the career i really want to be involved in – that make sense?.. i want to be in and tour with a band”
“never being truly happy ever again”
“being alone”
“being with people”
“going senile”
“being sick”
“being in love”
“physical pain”
“morro de medo da miséria – em vários aspectos”
“tenho pavor de gente ostensivamente limitada”
“e se eu morrer? quem cuidará da minha gata?”
“death of my significant other”
“insanity of significant other”
“o ser humano em seu estado violento – além de me amedrontar, me envergonha em relação a minha própria espécie”
“a possibilidade dos pelos do meu corpo continuarem crescendo e meus dentes cairem”
“major accident or illness that would make all planning/work impossible/severly difficult”
“human cruelty”
“a baker’s dozen”
“aluminum foil”
“swinging bridges”
“cocaine it makes me feel alive, and yet…”
“dying before I’ve done enough – whatever that might be”
“losing the love of my life – which has already happened”
“tomorrow – afraid in a good way”
“Being really alone, not just thinking my friends dislike me, but not having anybody in my life who’s name I know”
“Sparklers. It’s just a flame far too close to your hand!”
“Failing the important things – like keeping my sanity”
“Getting pregnant – temporary fear, just for now, not forever”
“Being in a plane crash”
“having my photo taken”
“desencontrar-me no tempo. como num beijo, falhar esse momento em que tudo pode e deve acontecer. saber que tudo é uma corrida do presente e não há maneira de voltar atrás ou projectar no futuro o que fazemos agora”
“desencontrar-me no espaço. não quero ‘estar onde não estou’ mas sei que posso estar no local errado e não me aperceber disso”
“desencontrar-me nas palavras. detesto erros de comunicação mas sei que posso dizer o que não quero e entender o que o não foi dito”
“desencontrar-me nos afectos. dar agora o que não dei pode servir de muito pouco (funciona também com o verbo receber)”
“desencontrar-me da vontade. tentar voltar ao lugar em mim de onde parto para explorar o mundo e não o reconhecer ou já não funcionar e enfim, perder-me dele”
“being blind”
“being homeless”
“cornflour on my fingers”
“O meu maior receio é chegar ao fim desta coisa da existencia e não ser nada ou não ter sequer sido alguma coisa”
“the postman”
“being watched by strangers when I’m home”
“to lose my life suddenly without living enough”
“The american government and their hidden intentions”
“Losing his love”
“needles and sharp knives”
“something horrible happening to the ones I love”
“becoming unattractive”
“Being left behind in an important day”
“alone in a place full of strangers”
“the invasion of my privacy”
“having bad dreams that feel very real”
“getting too sad”
“you being somebody else”
“people that offer certainty…and a world without hope”
“confined spaces”
“Inability to breathe”
“Human mob mentality”
“GW Bush!!!!!”
“que mi mama vuelva a enfermarse”
“estar sola”
“atender el telefono cuando suena y no se quien es”
“la exposicion”
“I fear not being myself to the very depths, before I die”
“I fear people”
“I fear the word ‘boyfriend’. I can’t seem to be able to say it to the boy that happens to be my b__friend”
“I fear not having control of myself”
“I fear my addictive nature”
“apocalyptic events”
“physical paralysis and mental anguish”
“that one day all the beauty of feeling, hearing, seeing, knowing will soon be gone”
“my fears are not knowing where this world of bodies will take us. & what sounds and sights will be witnessed in the afterlife”
“the fear within the fear”
“my fears only exist in long pauses. usually at three in the morning, these lonely hours that keep us up when really our dreams should pulls us closer to peace”
“going blind”
“going deaf”
“going into a coma where I’m conscious but not able to communicate with anyone”
“being buryed alive”
“burning to death”
“dying alone, living alone”
“quem tomará conta da minha Morgana? E do meu pai”
“o que acontecerá aos livros e filmes e discos que fui acumulando por amor quando eu morrer?”
“will death be icy-cold?”
“will America become an evangelical theocracy?”
“tenho medo que o medo exista”
“tenho medo do medo, desse estranho vampiro que nos assombra a viagem”
“tenho medo, que o medo em mim se insinue, como uma força que não seja capaz de controlar”
“tenho medo, e ao ter medo, sufoque”
“tenho medo que o medo desapareça, porque de alguma forma, também nele encontramos a energia que nos permite tornar fabulosos criadores.”

Download PDF document of project. Concept & image © Juno Doran

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