Film: Corinna Spencer’s exhibition

Category : Film, People
Date : 13 October 2015

Exhibition by Corinna Spencer at Nottingham Castle & Art Gallery, 19 September 2015 – 17 January 2016. Film by Juno Doran.

I imagine Corinna was born laughing. Her giggles are girly and contagious and you couldn’t possibly remain sad next to her. After knowing her for ages online I finally had a chance to meet her face to face at Nottingham Castle Art Gallery, where she’s exhibiting a painting installation. I was privileged to be commissioned to do a short film about the installation and was amazed at the work involved, not just the 1000+ paintings but also the work which went into creating the installation. It’s well worth visiting Nottingham Castle to see it and admire the physical imposition of the piece. It will be there until January 17th 2016.

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