I’m here: blogging again

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Date : 8 November 2015

After much consideration I have decided to restart my blog. I had a blog once which was active and had a fair amount of following, but life sort of got in the way and I began to treasure silence. The one line entries, or perhaps no words at all were my downward spiral. Until I stopped updating it altogether. I changed URLs, blog themes, etc. like I was trying new uncomfortable clothes I’d soon give up wearing.

Now I still believe in silence. But I miss my monologues. Perhaps others will read them too. I hope in general that people will understand English isn’t my first language. I don’t, as it happens, have a first language. I’m Portuguese but I’ve been in England for so long that I speak Portuguese like a child. As for English I have yet — if ever — to attain a level I’m happy with. So we’re keeping things basic and straightforward. Well, sort of. Until I disappear down the rabbit hole, which happens if I remember well rather a lot.

Why a blog now, etc. etc… well, I’m drowned in social media. Everyone is speaking at the same time about things which aren’t always that interesting. Sometimes, they are. But I’m here to find my own voice again. I’m posting pictures of things I see and do, I’m telling the world what’s going on in my head as a person and as an artist.

This is where the craziness starts. Again.

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