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Date : 10 February 2016

Work from series “Sounds like falling”. Liquid emulsion on Fabriano Academia paper. 2016

There is something about stray dogs I’ve always been attracted to. It’s a sense of dejected freedom, I think, which I strongly identify with as I go out there hunting with my camera, with a primal hunting instinct. When I first saw Daido Moriyama’s famous picture of a stray dog I could really understand why he had selected it to feature in his work, not just as an important item but also as a self identifying image. When I’m out with my camera, there’s almost a feral hunger to capture and frame the world as though it was something illicit and dangerous, pressing the shutter with the decisiveness of the samurai’s smooth blow of the sword. There’s some truth in the old idea that the camera steals the soul because the hunter photographer is out there precisely to commit this offence, and the success of the hunt lies in whether that soul has been well captured.

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