Corinna Spencer: Portrait of a Lady (2015). Commissioned by Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery, September 2015. ‘Portrait Of A Lady’ is an ambitious installation of over 1000 unique paintings, created specifically for the Castle’s South Hall stairwell. Celebrating the unidentified or unknown female sitter throughout art history and popular culture, Portrait of a Lady also features the Photo Booth Girls painting series, four of which were selected for the Nottingham Castle Open 2014, and are exhibited here in full for the first time. Spencer has responded to works within the Nottingham Castle Fine Art painting collection, as well as other National collections that she has engaged with over time. Key works are identified by Spencer– often entitled with the generic description of Portrait of a Lady – that depict sitters who have, for some reason through the passage of time, lost their identity. This video captures the installation of this ambitious project. Exhibition was open to the public 19 September 2015 – 17 January 2016. Links:



A short film about the setting up and opening of David Hancock’s exhibition “Cosplay”, at the Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge, on show 19 March – 18 April 2015.

A short documentary about the exhibition and collaboration between Ruth Schmid/qhere and Fiona Henderson, Upcycle City, Cambridge, 2013

second skin (2011). Trailer for short film. HD Video. 16:9. Colour. Stereo. 17 minutes. ‘second skin’ is a visual study on memory, alienation and innocence by first time filmmaker and visual artist Juno Doran, using film to explore her own identity and roots, as the links with her past disappear. There is no narrative and the film is charged with visual content, allowing the viewers to be taken through the different stages of a personal journey into the past, present and future, in a free and uncompromising way, resulting in a possible metaphor for the journey of life itself.
The film is divided into five different chapters, showing the progression of her personal journey: the arrival, visiting her birthplace, now a derelict space, observing life as it happens outside of her involvement, following her toddler son as he discovers the world, and finally with a dramatic visual conclusion summing up the noise and entanglement of life and memories.
Although referencing personal issues to the director with a great level of intimacy, this film does not offer specific information about dates, places or people involved, allowing anyone to relate to it in many levels.
“second skin” is Juno Doran’s film début, made primarily as an introduction to the medium of film as well as a work of personal reconciliation with the erasing of roots with her birthplace, following the death of her grandmother. It was made with minimal video equipment and under very difficult conditions. The film is also her début in editing and sound design.
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