Heard not seen, a new short audio filmscape about a playground.
In Victorian times they used to say that children should be seen and not heard. These days the fear and politics of photographing children have changed in such a way that it’s considered suspicious to photograph them, yet capturing the sound they make is another matter. Heard not seen marks the presence of children and the spaces they play in without actually seeing them.
Recorded with binaural audio, best experienced with headphones. 2016.

Fear of water. A track I made for the World Listening Day, using space sounds from NASA, water molecules manipulated by laser beam from Kelvin Building, Glasgow University, and my own sounds and music.

A sound postcard of Braga in the north of Portugal, combining field recording sound and photography. 2014.
This was my second visit to Braga, and the first time had been a significant event in my life, however on this second visit I only found shadows, I was alone and felt like an outsider more than ever.
Photos taken with Canon 5D Mark II with Zeiss Distagon f1.4 35mm, an iPad Mini. Sound recorded with Rode Videomic Pro and Zoom H1. Processed in Adobe Photoshop, Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro.

Lee Abbey Beach, North Devon. Recording for the British Library project with the National Trust, “Sounds of our shores“. 2′ 54”, 2015. (visitors using Safari and having trouble viewing Soundcloud embeds please visit this page

Bolton. Soundscape and images of Bolton, England. 2014

Cambridge bicycles. Field recording composition using sounds of bicycles, captured near the back of King’s College, Cambridge. Produced for World Listening Day, a compilation by Sonic Terrain. 3’52”, Wav, 48kHz/24bit, 2014.