New documentary project on the English rural area of North Dorset and Southwest Wiltshire
Due to family commitments, in the summer of 2017 I found myself moving to the area of Southwest Wiltshire bordering with North Dorset. Having lived in various places in the UK I felt more than ever a stranger, in a place I had never planned on living. Eventually it became clear that the only way to overcome this and understand this new place was to embark on a documentary project on the area. 
Following this decision, I started following my husband in some of his veterinary jobs as a starting point to connect to the local farming community. I also used my daily walks to explore the diverse urban and natural landscapes.
Vale & Chase refers to the area of Blackmore Vale and Cranborne Chase and became a long term project in trying to portray the local community as well as some of its defining landscapes.
I had to look upon the area with fresh eyes in the realisation that I knew so little about it. Having started this project in 2021 it will be for a while a work in progress.
Blackmore Vale and Cranborne Chase are vast areas encompassing North Dorset and Southwest Wiltshire in the Southwest of England, predominantly with a rural industry of livestock farming. By the nature of its geography and natural landscape, it is an area without motorways or many of the large businesses seen around the rest of the country, and its commerce is mostly basic and localised, focused on food and farming. It is also an area of refuge for many city escapees and the dwelling of a vast demographic of a wealthy older population.
This project is being developed using medium format film photography and sound capture of the natural environment.
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