Seaside blues
Documentary project on English seaside places. 2016, ongoing.
The boy who speaks like flowers
Visual dialogue between artist and son. 2016, ongoing.
English green
Observing England post-Brexit as a foreign national. 2016, ongoing.
Long term documentary project on the community and nature in the Forest of Bowland, northwest of England. 2016, ongoing.
Dream of home
Searching for 'home' outside of territorial bounds. 2016, ongoing.
Earth drawings
Natural drawings in the landscape. 2016, ongoing.
Sound projects.
Short films.
The Beautiful People & Black Paintings
Portrait of the Goth subculture around the turn of the millennium in a series of paintings and photographs. Photography and painting, 2004.
Home stills
Everyday home life and its falling shadows. Photography, 1996.
Visions of loneliness solo travelling in Europe. Black & white film photography, 1998.
Portuguese in London
Photo documentary project on a London community commissioned by Portugal 600 & funded by Gulbenkian Foundation. Black & white film photography, 1994.
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